Ski-Doo Helium Skaljacka, Herr strl S

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Färg Blue Teal
Conditions on the mountain can change in an instant and be incredibly unforgiving when they do. The Helium Jacket is built to withstand these volatile environments and keep the wearer warm, comfortable and completely dry.

The Helium Snowmobile Jacket allows for maximum mobility, warmth and comfort in any mountainous environment. This lightweight yet durable shell snowmobile jacket design is engineered with the rider experience at its core. It's guaranteed to be completely waterproof and windproof for life, while also providing a breathability rating that is second-to-none thanks to the built-in Sympatex® membrane. The Helium Jacket is ergonomically designed for active riding, meaning its fit will always mimic the wearer's movements, especially when paired with the Helium Highpants.
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Storlek S
Färg Blue Teal
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